Coaster Designer


Design your own roller coaster... and ride it



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Coaster Designer is a roller coaster design game in which players create, piece by piece, the roller coaster of your dreams. And best of all, once it is completed (or not), you can experience the results firsthand.

Players get a simple control panel from where to create all the pieces of your roller coaster. You can alter the direction of each section, the direction you want it to go in, and set the angle. This way, you can create almost endless ups and downs, with different inclinations and sharp turns.

With this simple yet effective set of tools, players can create either the most absurd roller coasters ever seen, or perfectly sane and normal roller coasters to give its passengers a truly unforgettable trip.

Coaster Designer is a fun simulation game, which despite having some fairly disastrous graphics (they are really pretty bad), engages players with its addictive gameplay.
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